Tips for writing CV

Few of the points which we have come to regard as important when it comes to a CV. These are simple tips but are very important.

  • Ideal CV should not stretch beyond 3 pages in A4 size paper. Photograph is not expected in the CV unless specifically asked for.
  • Avoid making CV in different fonts. Try to use 1-2 good fonts. Do not use any font in colour other than black.
  • CV should not be “decorated” with too many boxes or lines. Use only whatever is essential to separate the matter presented.
  • Educational Qualifications should include year of passing for each degree/diploma and University/board name. No need to write about SSC/HSC passing year & percentage. In case of any course being completed on part-time/correspondence basis please mention the same with duration of course.
  • At the beginning of CV give a brief synopsis (4-5 lines) about what skills/strengths you have & what your objectives are.
  • In writing about experience, start with current job details. Please indicate the exact nature of business of your employer/organisation. This is important because not all persons who read the CV would be aware of all the companies in a given field.
  • Give brief idea of your role (including key achievements) for each job held. Also indicate how long you were in a given job (month & year of joining & leaving).
  • Email id/ Cellphone numbers/Address given in CV should be updated before sending to any employer.
  • Do not use any font in CAPITAL while writing words/ sentences. Its difficult to read.
  • Please use spell-check before sending CV. It shows that you are interested in the matter being submitted & understood in the right way.
  • Its a good practice to send the CV file in PDF format.